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Collitracker provides visibility of all outgoing and incoming carts, load carriers, casks and packaging. Our software is user-friendly and easy to use. At every moment, you know what you own, get back and need!

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Your planning is right

Collitracker stands for automation, efficiency and excellent planning. You arrange everything easily from one app. Save a lot of time and work by keeping all your packaging, carts, kegs and crates on your radar via Collitracker.

Balances insightful, tools crates carts casks losing is a thing of the past

Collitracker provides an effective solution for managing carts and load carriers, allowing you to always know how many are on the move and minimising the risk of losing packaging. By combining this functionality with the insight into balance, you avoid high costs that can arise from loss of cask or other parts. This unique overview allows you to act proactively and notify customers or suppliers of missing load carriers if necessary, improving efficiency and cost control.

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Time saving

Especially during the busiest times of the year, you want instant visibility of your carts and load carriers. With Collitracker, you can lay the incoming and outgoing flows of packaging directly alongside your planning. This way, you signal in time that carts need to be returned.


By collaborating with administration, cart and load carrier management becomes even more efficient. Administrative tasks can be seamlessly integrated into the Collitracker system, giving you real-time insight into the status of your logistics activities. With this combined approach, you can not only save costs but also improve overall operational efficiency.

Good to know

Besides carting, what else can you use collitracker for?

All types of load carriers/ collies can be used where numbers/locations need to be tracked. So in addition to carts, that includes: pallets, casks, crates, tools and bottles.

Within seconds, you will see your balance-0 view in the Collitracker app.

Yes, there is.

ColliTracker offers the possibility of printing stickers with, for example, the carrier’s or customer’s barcode on the sticker. The carrier or the customer can scan the barcode again with their system. Thus, ColliTracker helps Track and Trace in the chain. Besides, it is clear to a transporter when he comes to collect the carts which ones are for him.

Scanning CCTAGS using Collitracker is possible.

Yes, a demo of Collitracker is always non-binding and you are not tied to anything.

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Packaging registration system

A packaging registration system manages and controls all kinds of packaging and freight used in many logistics and production processes. This takes into account the quantities and types of packaging a company has in circulation, such as crates, pallets, containers, casks and bottles. Using a registration system, you keep track of all your property being transported.

Tracker software

Collitracker is based on the latest tracker software technology. That means this application will display at any time where all your properties are, from carts to tools. This keeps the packaging records up to date and cuts costs significantly. Doing this administration with the help of specialised software like Collitracker will really give you a grip on all your incoming and outgoing inventory and goods.

Available on mobile and desktop, of course!

With its own web APP

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