All load carriers/ collies can be used where numbers/locations need to be tracked.

See some examples below:

Links can be made with other Software. ColliTracker has an API to which data can be sent. Think locations, collies, transactions and attachments.

What is a BI-Tool?

A BI tool stands for Business Intelligence tool. It is software used to collect, analyse and present data to gain business insights and support decision-making.

BI tools often offer various functionalities, including:

BI tools are widely used in organisations of various sizes and industries to gain insights, identify trends, monitor performance and support strategic decisions. They play a crucial role in transforming raw data into valuable information that can be used to gain competitive advantage and improve business results.

ColliTracker has an API where data can be read into a proprietary database for reporting purposes.

ColliTracker’s interfaces are clean and easy. The complicated arithmetic is done in the background for you. This allows you to set up your own processes.

From experience, people still like to have help with an implementation to shorten the implementation time. We then map out the processes and set up ColliTracker accordingly. We can also help with importing locations, collies and setting up an API.

ColliTracker offers the ability to print your own CMR. Besides the print version, we are also working on the e-cmr. This uses the digital CMR and there is no need to print anything. ColliTracker will continue to support both to ensure a smooth transition to digital.

An ERP system stands for enterprise resource planning system. It is an integrated software platform used by organisations to manage and streamline various business processes. An ERP system provides functionality for managing various core activities, such as accounting, finance, inventory management, production planning, purchasing, sales, human resources, and more.

The main features of an ERP system are:

ERP systems are used by organisations of different sizes and in various sectors, from small companies to large multinationals. They play a crucial role in optimising business processes, increasing operational efficiency and supporting strategic decision-making within an organisation.

ColliTracker offers the ability to register unique load carriers. Using barcodes, RFID can give a load carrier (carts, barrels, crate racks, baskets, etc.) a unique registration.

In the Track and Trace screen, for example, the location of a cart can be tracked.

Tracking of Collies (Danish containers, pallets, racks, crates, casks, baskets, etc.) is possible. Trackers come in different shapes and sizes. For each application, the requirement is considered. Thus, a 100% fit solution is applied.

ColliTracker logs crucial things, such as logging into the ColliTracker system, but also, for example, deleting a transaction. During an audit, a history of the log can be shown.

There is no limit on locations. These can be created without limitation. We do recommend keeping an eye on site management to avoid proliferation of sites.

An audit is a systematic and independent assessment, evaluation or control of an organisation, process, system, project, or product to verify its compliance with certain standards, regulations, policies, procedures, or specific requirements. Audits are carried out by qualified professionals called auditors, who ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the assessment.

There are different types of audits, including:

The purpose of an audit is to identify risks, detect deficiencies, identify opportunities for improvement and provide confidence to stakeholders about the accuracy, reliability and compliance of the entity or processes under review. Following an audit, reports are usually prepared with findings, recommendations and action plans to address any identified issues.

ColliTracker is multilingual and any language can be added to it. Dutch, English and French are currently in use.

What can the customer

ColliTracker allows receiving parties (customers) to log in and provide insight into their own transactions. For example, a customer can approve the rules. In doing so, an alignment also takes place right away where both parties agree on what has been sent and received. By doing the reconciliation this way, you are on top of the transactions and any discrepancies can be addressed immediately. Several parties then still have the data at their fingertips to possibly solve a problem.

ColliTracker offers the possibility to have the customer (receiving party) enter a return. This way, planning can be taken into account and all parties involved are aware that cargo carriers are going to return. The transaction only needs to be checked on arrival because the customer has already entered the return.

ColliTracker offers the possibility for a customer to check the delivery. With the control management module, deliveries can be controlled at load carrier level. For example, should a trolley be switched over during transport, the control management module gives a notification that the trolley is in the wrong location. The supplier will be informed immediately. This way, the error can be fixed again quickly.


ColliTracker offers the possibility of printing stickers with, for example, the carrier’s or customer’s barcode on the sticker. The carrier or the customer can scan the barcode again with their system. Thus, ColliTracker helps Track and Trace in the chain. Besides, it is clear to a transporter when he comes to collect the carts which ones are for him.

Transactions are constantly monitored. This can be done by the customer logging into ColliTracker online, but can also be done through the reports that are automatically emailed to customers on a weekly, monthly basis.

When a transaction is created, a transaction ID is generated. This ID can be found in the transaction screen and in the documents mailed to customers. For example, if a customer communicates the ID, the transaction can be found very quickly regardless of how the filters are currently positioned in the screen.

A very comprehensive authorisation module is available. Right down to the smallest detail can be set. Think of creating, editing or deleting a transaction.

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