Within floriculture, of course, you want to have a view of your trolleys at all times. Indeed, the flower auction can be a hectic place with lots of carts from different owners. With Collitracker, you stay in control.

Easily and quickly process hundreds of registrations

You are now using a comprehensive Excel sheet that you have cleverly set up. But the numbers get bigger and you do a lot more registrations than before. You can’t get by with Excel and you are looking for a system that does the registrations for you. Useful for the floriculture industry!


Companies using Collitracker

Losing carts at auction is a thing of the past

Never lose carts in the floriculture sector and lose a lot of money. With Collitracker, you have full control over all your valuable carts and cargo.

Scan your carts

With the Collitracker app, you can easily scan all your carts. They are loaded directly into the system and you know exactly where they are or where they need to go.

Direct your own process

For administration to driver

Our software can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile (web app) and is available in all languages. The driver can easily create transactions with the loading and unloading app. Here, the administration has insight into the balances and can be directed to plan returns on time.


Knowing exactly how many carts are in a location

Soon a new feature from Collitracker: know exactly how much your truck is transporting, at any time! This feature requires a Basic Plus subscription.

Fine company with knowledgeable staff

Fine company with knowledgeable staff, they listen and seek solutions immediately. We had a warehouse handling app developed to bring more insight and convenience to our warehouse employees. No more paper lists just the CLTV app.

Jurgen Damen

CLTV Zundert

Plus points

  Knowledgeable staff who can take you through IT solutions in Jip and Janneke language
  Take their time and are approachable

Collitracker really is a breath of fresh air

The simplicity with which you can use it is fantastic. From registration to controlling all flows, it hardly takes any effort. The service they offer is also great, guiding you every step of the way and always ready to answer questions.

John Doe

Royal Flora Holland

Plus points

  Collitracker handles my cart registration
  Fewer people needed in administration
  We are losing fewer carts

Already 20 years of experience in the Floriculture

Soerinder will be happy to come and introduce your organisation to Collitracker.

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