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There are many different types of load carriers in use within the transport world. This includes pallets, CC carts, boxes, big bags, etc. These load carriers are transported from location A to location B. The load carrier balance decreases at location A and the balance increases at location B. With ColliTracker you keep control of the balances per location.

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Process transactions quickly and easily

By using the ColliTracker logistics app, you can specify what is to be unloaded and loaded in just a few clicks with the “Loading & Unloading” module. Due to the smart functions in this application, input takes less time. This means that minimal time is lost on administering the transaction and more time is left for other activities.

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Companies using Collitracker

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The desired report for every location

Reports can be created with the transactions made. Consider a report with transactions at a specific location or an overview for the client that is automatically sent by email. You can also log in to the ColliTracker system per location to immediately view the transactions, as well as the balances.

Helicopter overview for the backoffice

The back office gives you insight into where the trucks are driving. With just 1 click on the truck you can see what is currently in the truck. This makes it easier for the back office to say with certainty whether charging can still take place today.

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Arrange your own process

For administration to driver

Our software can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile (web app) and is available in all languages. The driver can easily create transactions with the loading and unloading app. The administration has insight into the balances and can be managed to plan returns on time.

User-friendly experience

By setting up ColliTracker with what a user needs, the screen remains clean. This reduces the chance of input errors and makes the transaction a snap.

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Keep track of our packaging administration with confidence

As a transport company in the floriculture sector, it is important to us that the customer can rely on accurate administration. With Collitracker we and they can assume that.

When we were looking for a new tool for our packaging administration, we started working with Collitracker. You were able to realize your wish to work with a GPS-controlled app. At first the software was not necessarily aimed at transporters, but by looking at the possibilities together we were able to develop a nice system that works for the transport operator, administration and the driver.

Now that we use Collitracker, we can maintain our packaging administration with confidence and we have a stable basis to further digitize our company.

Kevin Smits, Digital processes & Marketing

A. Smits Transporten

Plus points

  They are always easy to reach. Bug found? At collitracker they get started almost immediately and don't give up easily.
  The app is clear for our drivers.
  The GPS-controlled location overview avoids errors and lets the driver quickly choose the right customer location.
  The strength of collitracker is that they can explain terms and concepts that are normally abracadabra for a transport entrepreneur in an understandable way.
  You take initiative and are open to new ideas.
  Our customers always receive a clear packaging receipt.
  Every company is different and the adaptability of the software means you can tailor it entirely to your own wishes.
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Collitracker is a nice and easy to use system to keep track of all load carriers and packaging that go in and out

Since we started using Collitracker, everything is now finally good, clear and organized.

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Plus points

  It is simple to configure
  Easy with controls
  Share overviews with a customer in an easy way
  Customer status insightful

ColliTracker works simply and is clear

It works simply and is clear. It is a pleasure to work with Soerinder, he immediately tackles all changes to make the program as suitable as possible within the customer’s wishes.


Fiona Moerings (Owner)

Waterplantenkwekerij R. Moerings B.V.

Plus points

  Very workable for everyone, we like to keep it simple and keep it simple so that everyone within the organization can get along with it.
  What is a big plus for us is that we can find everything. We are independent and have control over our incoming and outgoing freight.
  Very user-friendly.
  What is going better is the cart balances and so we keep everything in our own hands in that area, from our Danes administration.
  Are not dependent on the accuracy of someone else.
  Registration of outgoing orders from our customers to various carriers.

Fine company with knowledgeable staff

Great company with expert staff who listen and immediately look for solutions. We had a warehouse handling app developed to bring more insight and convenience to our warehouse employees. No more paper lists just the CLTV app.

Jurgen Damen

CLTV Zundert

Plus points

  Knowledgeable staff who can take you through IT solutions in Jip and Janneke language
  Take their time and are approachable

Already 20 years of experience in the Transport

Soerinder will be happy to come and introduce your organisation to Collitracker.

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