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Tholen – Despite all the digitalisation, it happens with great regularity that carts get lost. That costs money, sometimes a lot of money, and in one case it can even lead to bankruptcy. Besides, no carts means no trade. With Collitracker, a new service that allows trolley registration to be kept up-to-date, an up-to-date overview is guaranteed.

“Many customers try to keep track of it themselves using Excel, for example,” observes founder and developer of Collitracker Soerinder Somai. “However, this takes a lot of time, it quickly becomes cluttered and besides, it is typically something that people do on the side. It is not a priority. But it should be, given the frequency with which it goes wrong, and also because more and more direct trade is being done. The links that did the registration are no longer there. Which makes self-registration more important.”


Collitracker jumps on this issue. Collitracker is an online system, you log in and can start immediately. An API allows data to be read in from different systems. So it hangs, as it were, under the system with which one constantly works and in which all the details are kept. This prevents double work, but the main advantage is that the overview is not lost at those moments when things go wrong the most: when last-minute changes are made, a trolley is cancelled here and a trolley is added there.

It can be that simple? “Yes,” Soerinder knows. “No installation is required, it’s just a matter of logging in and getting started. Your own way of working does not change. Customers get their own code and login, that’s all it takes. There is also no paper involved then, because of the digital document registration you never have to dive into thick folders looking for a shipment from weeks ago, but you have everything ‘under the button’.”


As we speak, the system, including a handy app, is becoming available to growers and trading companies. The hope is that other sectors such as AGF or bakers will also take it up. “Our system is basically suitable for all sectors where a lot of work is done with carts, crates, baskets. Of course, there are sector-specific factors that need to be taken into account and that we still want to develop. As far as floriculture is concerned, we want to set it up in such a way that you will soon be able to see how many trolleys are out and how long certain trolleys have been there. You can also think of notifications, for instance when a customer exceeds a certain quantity or holds on to these trolleys for longer than a certain time. Or a visual overview by country or region, which is useful for companies that operate within groups so they can easily see where they can get trolleys from when needed. Or, something else entirely, verifying the authenticity of a cart so that the pool is kept clean.” Translated with (free version)

collitracker app


So there is more than enough to do, Soerinder also knows, having previously been involved in several digitisation projects within floriculture. “For Collitracker, we used a new technology, which ensures that users are not affected by updates. You often see that apps and other software sometimes go down or falter for a while, when tinkering on the backend. That can’t happen here. When we are working in the background, the customer does not notice anything at all and, in short, their logistical process is not interrupted.”

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