Packaging administration

Why is packaging administration important and how does ColliTracker help? Within logistics, good agreements, quotations, logbooks and shipping receipts play an important role. This ‘paperwork’ should always be in good order. Not only because this is an obligation, but also because you get a lot of important information from this yourself. Packaging administration is specifically about registering your load carriers, barrels, crates or carts: packaging that is your property. To keep your records in order, it is important to know where your packaging is.

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Packaging examples

  • Packaging includes all forms of packaging needed to keep goods or raw materials together and move them safely from A to B. Boxes, trays, pallets, packages, load carriers, casks, crates; all forms of packaging used. There are different types of packaging: single-use and reusable.
  • Single-use packaging is meant to be discarded immediately after use. Such as cardboard boxes or plastic casks. These packages often break down immediately on opening and are therefore mostly made of recycled materials. This type of packaging is relatively cheap and no deposit is charged for it.
  • Multi-use packaging is meant to be used more often. Carts, pallets or crates are made of sturdy materials, such as hard plastic and metal, and therefore do not break down (immediately). As a result, multi-use packaging is pricier and a deposit is charged for use. Here, you often work with actual packaging workers to make this happen.
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Administration for Packaging

You keep track of the inbound and outbound flow of reusable packaging within your administration. This way, you keep track of numbers (by packaging type), locations, logbooks, photos and other documents.

But why is this administration so important? As an owner, you have paid a lot of money for your packaging and, in addition, there is a deposit on it. Also called a deposit price. When you return the ‘package’ to the original supplier, you will get this amount back. As packaging passes many links during transport, it is very difficult to monitor everything. The more order in the administration of your packaging, the less likely you are to miss out on deposits.

Numbers, locations and evidence of packaging can of course be kept in a (digital) logbook or Excel file. The disadvantage of this kind of registration document is that keeping it up to date is very time-consuming. In the busiest seasons, these sheets are less well kept, resulting in records that are no longer accurate.

Packaging Logistics

A real-time registration system provides the ability to ‘track’ and register packaging logistics. With the ColliTracker software, you not only register all your packaging super-fast, the administration is also continuously in order. This is because the data is collected directly in the system. Packaging is scanned at each location during transport and automatically fed into the system, giving you real-time visibility. With ColliTracker, you combat loss and theft, thus saving not only time but also money.

Bring order to your packaging logistics today and try ColliTracker for free!

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