Packaging management

What is packaging management and how does ColliTracker contribute to it? Every company dealing with logistics has an interest in good packaging management. But what is packaging? It is commonly referred to as load carriers, but it encompasses more than that. Packaging management plays an important role throughout the logistics process. From raw material to finished product. Good packaging management 

is crucial for successful transportation of goods.

You may not yet have a good understanding of packaging management.
Hence, we will cover the following points in this article:

  • Packaging meaning
    • Single-use packaging
    • Multi-use packaging
  • The importance of packaging management
    • Get an overview thanks to good packaging records
  • ColliTracker
    • Fast and efficient real-time tracking
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Packaging meaning

To clarify what the meaning of packaging is, let’s grab the synonyms. Such as packaging, transport item, load carriers, casks, packing material or packages. So, packaging actually includes all types of packaging and/or carriers needed to move goods in the logistics process.

Within packaging management, a distinction is made between two types: single-use and reusable.

Single-use packaging is meant to be discarded immediately after use. This sounds like environmental pollution, but this form of packaging is often made from recycled materials. Think cardboard boxes or bags. The cost of this type of packaging is often low.

Multi-use packaging is meant to be used several times for the same purpose.Carts, pallets or crates obviously do not have to be thrown away immediately. These containers are made of sturdy materials such as hard plastic and metal. As a result, multi-use packaging is pricier and is subject to a deposit.

Packaging management is about managing multi-use packaging. And this is where ColliTracker offers a simple solution. Let’s look at what can go wrong with multi-use packaging such as load carriers, crates, pallets, casks, etc.


The importance of packaging management

The disadvantage of multi-use is that it is not returned or is returned too late. Companies lose about between 5% – 10% of this type of packaging. Packaging is forgotten, given to the wrong party or even stolen! Much to the frustration of many people working in the logistics sector.

A lot of work is done with logbooks, signatures or other documents. This can go well for a while, provided its administration is consistent. But with many transfers between different parties, it is not surprising that packaging gets lost.

Good packaging management through real-time tracking provides the solution for the logistics process. This way, you can do packaging administration efficiently.

for orderly packaging management

With ColliTracker, you easily and quickly register and administer all your carts, barrels or load carriers. You maintain packaging management in an orderly manner. The user-friendly software helps you enter everything with just a few clicks. You then receive real-time insight into all incoming and outgoing flows.

Have you lost cargo carriers? Check your packaging management directly in the app and see where the load carriers were last registered. You then send a signal to the customer or supplier. This is one of the advantages of ColliTracker. Want to learn more about ColliTracker’s useful features?

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