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Time is money, as we at ColliTracker know better than anyone. Having your packaging in order so that there are always enough carts and load carriers to get your products to the right place is therefore a plus! There is nothing more annoying than having an order ready for an important customer, but then not being able to send it because the packaging is out of order. This takes a lot of extra planning and incurs additional costs.

What is a packaging registration system?

A packaging registration system is software specially developed for the logistics sector. During a busy period, you want to be able to see where your packaging is in one overview. With a packaging registration system, you can track all your carts, load carriers, flower boxes, crates, or packaging. There are several ways to provide packaging tracking. This can be done through GPS systems, labels or offline and online systems. In short, such a system facilitates your company’s packaging administration.

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How does a packaging registration system work?

With a packaging registration system, you log in and can start immediately. An API allows data to be read in from different systems. With a packaging registration system, you have a complete overview of all incoming carts, outgoing flows, corresponding invoices and transports. In addition, many packaging registration systems offer the possibility of adding documents such as a packing slip or photo material.

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What kind of packaging registration systems are there in the Netherlands?

There are several packaging registration systems in the Netherlands with different software. Almost all of them work with a TMS system. In ColliTracker’s packaging registration system, we bundle TMS and CRM for an even better experience.

With more than 20 years of experience in logistics, ICT and the floriculture sector, founder of Collitracker, Soerinder Somai, has a lot of experience. Because we develop the software ourselves and have a lot of experience in the packaging logistics market, we understand what you need to make the transport of your packaging run smoothly.

Insight for you and the customer thanks to our packaging registration system.

Thanks to good visibility of your packaging, you have everything in stock when you need it. In addition, you won’t lose your carts and load carriers thanks to a packaging registration system. Does a customer or supplier hold your load carriers for a long time? Through set alerts, they will automatically receive a notification.

ColliTracker: register your packaging in no time.

With our software, you register and administer a cart with a quick action in an app. Thus, thanks to our versatile yet easy-to-use packaging registration system, you will never lose your packaging again. With our packaging tracking, the registration of your carts and load carriers becomes much clearer.

We have developed the software ourselves and we also offer excellent service to get your registration system right. Within a day, you can be up and running with ColliTracker.

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